New heights. Part two.

We’re at this amazing cave church, up these significantly steep steps. But suddenly, Adam is Tarzan, and scales the side of the hill in no time. It’s easy, he says. Easier the faster you move. I’ve done it since I was a little kid. And soon, Andrea and I are far above our new family members, and soon after, it’s just Adam and I. Really, really high.


And higher still.



And this is our view. Far, far above anyone else.


And as we tell Adam not to jump from one cliff to another, caring friends that we are, …


We learn a new phrase. One for new friends, for people you care about and care about you. I made him autograph my journal with it. Beni kalbimden vurden.

“You shoot me from the heart.”

And we climb down, and I in my Greek sandals, got stuck on the side of the cliff, but it was incredible. Such a freeing, fun, so fun, experience.

Plus, everything, everything we’re seeing today? Breathtakingly gorgeous.




And next thing you know, our careful, non-climbing family friends are eating green apples straight off a tree. And I just scaled a steep cliff, and we’re giggly, and Andrea is wondering what happened to her friend this summer to suddenly make her adventurous, and when handed an apple from our mom, we’ve never had one any better. It’s an absolutely perfect day.



A different view of the churches we’d scaled previously…


But we weren’t done climbing. Look for part three.


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