New heights. Part three.

We’re on our way to lunch. We find cave church, one after the other. We pose, we climb, we laugh. It continues to be a fantastic day.




And then Adam, our Tarzan the Tour Guide, finds somewhere new to climb.


And wow, is he high, but god, that looks really, really awesome. And suddenly Andrea is saying “Janae, your parents, your parents… Forget that… RYAN IS GOING TO KILL ME.”

But… I’m going up! And up, and up. To the panicked “the first thing he ever said to me was KEEP YOU SAFE! And I can’t do that with you up there!!!” coming from below. With Adam saying, who is that, because if it’s boyfriend, man, I wouldn’t let her go anywhere. She is too crazy.



It was… Nothing I’d ever done or thought to do before. Second-story scaffolding on my Habitat for Humanity trip in January had made me dizzy. But not today.

And then, we climbed down, and went to lunch, and it was only 2:15. Many, many more stories tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “New heights. Part three.

  1. no one can tell me she ain’t tryin’ to be me, here. check our 3:58 into this vid, here. even pauly agrees with me. good stuff, though– keep it goin’.
    did i run with this joke too long?

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