Well, we made it to Goreme. The trauma tram (think crowded as could be, angry mob + handsy male passenger) got us halfway to the bus station. An unnecessarily-expensive-but-totally-worth- it-for-my-escape-from-said-man taxi got us the second half.An overnight bus took us from Istanbul to Goreme, and I didn’t sleep a wink. Partly because we passed through beautiful lit-up towns, villages, lakes…

Mostly because we drove through a whole lot of nothing and I sure wanted to be up for when this bus got taken over by bandits in the middle of nowhere Turkey.

And now, we traded our honeymoon suite with cats for sleeping dorm style in a cave. Jimi Hendrix once slept there. I have the elevated bed in the room. I like to assume he slept there.

It’s a family run hostel, and it’s wonderful. 12 lira a night ($7), they’ll make you a huge, hot breakfast for only 5 lira… Andrea and I have ended up in a honeymoon spot prettier than the first.

We’ve run around doing the typical touristy Cappadocia things… Visiting the caves, the churches… The open-air museum… Eating more kebab and drinking Efes at the end of the night.

In bigger news, we got our laundry done. First time in Europe, folks. Sixteen days. Oh the senses Skype doesn’t acknowledge when you see and hear our voices. As for our overall grossness, Andrea put it best. “The day Skype goes HD, I quit.” So, when reading the title of this post, allow yourself to think, she’s sleeping in a cave, and she just might buck up and shave this week. Good for her. And how cute it was, waking up this morning to see our laundry hanging out on the clothesline all around the pool. It was almost beautiful. And then you realize the cute little pregnant owner of the hostel had spent her morning pinning your thongs one-by-one to the line, and you cringe and feel like the price just didn’t match the process.
I’m really enjoying this living on not much. And wow, I blow a lot of money at home on nonessentials. At most, I’ve spent $100 in a single travel day. But most days, fun, food, bed included, $35. Good since I realized last week the budget is actually $60 per day if I’m going to afford this trip independently through December, including in countries that use the euro.

We’ll see how that one goes.

Breakfast this morning… We have no complaints here.






6 thoughts on “Cave’n’Shave

  1. love it…especially the clean laundry 😉 the pictures are gorgeous! Love hearing how “safe” your travels have been….handsy men, bandits…what next…willy wonka comes and takes off w you in a glass elevator??

  2. Hahaha, I’m sleeping in the bed you once slept in. I wanted to find out if the Jimi Hendrix thing was true. I’ll have to take it at its word.

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