I’m in love, and his name is Life.

Wow. Wow. Wow.

Backing up… Did you know duck eggs are eggier and bigger than hen eggs? Breakfast lesson, as stated by our waitress. We had hen eggs.

After breakfast and quickly wandering through the upscale district just to have a look, we found ourselves back at Cafe Zurich for cafe con leche in our people-watching spot and set out to see Barcelona once again. 

Ramblas is a sight. We passed by the opera house, baroc church, and ended up in the boqueria – a large, AWESOME market. Where a butcher sells lambs heads, eyes open, teeth still in. Where you can buy licorice the length of your arm. Where you can watch a woman stick her arm up a giant fish to clean it out.


We wandered down side streets, through alleys, all over. Found ourselves in a small cafe for chocolate con churros. Side note, I love speaking the little bit of Spanish I know. It’s a challenge so exciting when the end result is a complete sentence, or a conveyed thought. Just knowing what to say when the taxi driver sneezed tonight was thrilling. 

We reached the port, and as I watched the ships come and go, I realized how much I had missed the life of Semester at Sea. The ports, boardwalks,  the horns as ships exited. The smells. The birds. The water. It was a nice reminder.

We wandered down along the water for quite sometime, then Dad surprises me. We have 7:30 p.m. massages at the hotel for my birthday. We grab a taxi and we’re back.

The spa is on level -1. You guys want a funny picture? Imagine dad and I both in robes at the spa reception being referred to as Mr. and Mrs. DeRusso. I don’t think the woman had seen more stricken faces or heard louder “no, no, oh nos” when asking if we wanted the couple’s massage room that was available.

We’re very prude spouses.

After a dip in the pool (more on that later) and a trip to the steam room, dad and I had our massages (far more on that later) and got back to the room to find my friend Nancy had let the hotel know of my birthday. Ms. “Nancy” the hotel informed us had “told us that you love coffee” (hah!) and to order coffee whenever we please. On top of that, the hotel had thrown in a piece of chocolate cake and a bottle of champagne, on ice. How about that???

Two hours later, dad and I were at the placa espana (where is the funny n on an ipad?) watching the “magic fountains.” And they were. Amazing fountains in a main plaza with lights and music… “And Iiiiiii-eee-Iiiiiii will always love youuuu…” Even Whitney was there.

Dad and I had a fantastic dinner near the house, and the trip continues to be amazing. 
Day two.

Sentimental birthday writing comes next. As do inappropriate massage jokes. Because I’m 22 and awkward.


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