And so the travels begin again…

Four months, three parts. Written as I go, posted when I can.
Part One: August 16 – 24 trip to Spain with my father
Part Two: August 25 – mid September, Eastern Europe with Andrea
Part Three: Mid September – December 15, me. Rail pass. Europe. Go.

Here we are. Almost to Spain, six hours ahead of New York and nine ahead of California. I write this post as the person in 1st class most in need of a shower, but let’s go back to the beginning of this adventure. It was 1989 and…

Just kidding. The phone rang at 2:30a.m. on Tuesday, August 16, the day of departure. My father had gotten an automated call. The robot said, “Your flight has been canceled. If you’d like to rebook, press 1.”

After a mad scramble for flights, we were set to leave. Now taking off at 9:30a.m. instead of 11:55 (it was our American Airlines OC to Chicago flight that was canceled), it was an early morning. Quick goodbyes in person and on Skype, to family both wide-awake and still very much asleep… And we were off.

OC to Dallas (the new first stop) went great! No problems. Due to some new card my dad has, we found ourselves in an airline club. Fancy schmancy. Snacks! Drinks! Almost had a free beer just because I could. Almost.

Dallas to London. Nine hours. Rather uneventful. Except that time I squeezed the salad dressing cup in the spazziest moment of my life. Dressing everywhere. Me. My armrest. The aisle. The armrest of the old man across the aisle. I’m pretty sure the old man across the aisle.

Dad wasn’t perfect either, being “that guy” who gets tea as the turbulence seatbelt light illuminates. Five minutes later – “Ow! Ow!” DRINK IT!!! “I can’t! It will burn my tongue!”

I do some reading, some writing, some Fever Pitch watching.

We land. Hello London. Hello, we don’t have reservations on our flight to Barcelona?

Turns out when American Airlines rebooked our first leg of our flight, and thus our second as well (Dallas to London) the airline didn’t inform British Airways (original 2nd and 3rd leg provider). Thus when we didn’t show up for our BA Chicago-London flight, our entire itineraries were canceled. Yes folks, that’s right, even my December flights!

But they were reinstated after some time at the counter with our new friend Matt. And we found ourselves bumped and booked in business class seats to Barcelona, which got us access to yet another lounge. This one with cappuccino machines and bottles beyond bottles of wine. Two cappuccinos, because I could.

Wait, business class gets lunch?? Yes, I will have sparkling water and orange juice and tea at the same time because you just put three glasses in front of me. Because I can, because the nice lady offered.

So, I’m showing up to my Spain vacation carb-loaded and rather gross feeling, but that’s how every great adventure starts, so I’ve heard.

I’ll let you all know.


5 thoughts on “And so the travels begin again…

  1. and so it begins… and sounds like mad hi-jinks await! sorry i didn’t get to say hello or goodbye properly. be wary of gypsy’s and have fun!

  2. Haha. I find it hard to believe that that’s THE most spazziest moment of your life. I think you must have some others. Teehee.

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