Carpe diem

For fifteen minutes, I have struggled with a single question.

What is a less cliché way to say time flies when you’re having fun?

Today was the day I started thinking about projects that need to be wrapped up by the time my internship ends. Eleven more workdays. Fifteen days left in New York. Twenty-five days left in the United States. And then four months backpacking Europe – more, many more, posts on that later.

For now, today.


A coworker and I talk regularly about happiness. About what drives it, where it comes from. We reflected on our own lives and the lives of people around us. We recognized how lucky we are, that we wake up every day with things to look forward to – things that aren’t necessarily noteworthy or unique or extravagant, but reasons to know something good will happen in the coming hours. A “good morning,” small talk, sunshine, a cup of coffee, a nice note, a good joke, a bad joke.

Nice words, thoughtful questions and full attention don’t come from everyone. That was the great thing about Grandpa Ed, as my father and sister pointed out this week. Not everyone makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room every conversation you have with them. Compliments don’t always roll off the tongue. Unfortunately, so often we are distracted by phones, e-mail, internet, the people around us, the people in our past, the concepts of people we haven’t even met yet.

We don’t enjoy the moment.

When I’m not listening to Elvis Duran in the morning, I have the oldies station on for the commute. There’s nothing better for waking up. Yesterday, Lloyd Price’s “Personality” came on and it got me. It was on loop in my cubicle for quite a bit of the day.

Then I went home and watched it.

Find me one thing in those two and a half minutes that isn’t happy.

Everyone is dancing. Everyone has some sort of rhythm. We’re all clapping. You’re even tapping your foot watching, right?

Gems you find when you stop looking at your phone and start capturing instead.

No one in the background texting. No one sulking. No one checking scores on their iPads or stock market numbers on their BlackBerrys.

Disconnecting to really connect… Sharing something tangible with those around you.

Now we just have do it every day.


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