Just go with it.

I’ve rewritten this post four times. The first version was best. My poor blog… abandoned for five days again only to be returned to for nonsense. My Twitter account (@JCDeRusso) has been neglected for the first time in three years. Checking back in, @Lord_Voldemort7 just wrote “Being ‘normal’ is overrated.”

I agree.

There was something about running through a flash flood in high heels that just cracked me up last night.

I’d forgotten to return my Rick Steve’s book to the library. It’s 10p.m. and the rain isn’t stopping. I have no umbrella. So, grocery bag the books… and I’m off.

Two minutes later, back in my car, soaked. Giggling. A business-clothed mess. Oblivious to the two cars waiting for me to move my illegally parked one. Just cracking up, like a crazy person, in my car.

Because a more serious person probably would have waited out the rain. Or remembered to use her break to walk to the library. Or sucked up the late fees.

But this was fun. The teenagers giving me dirty looks didn’t know what they were missing. The misery on their faces due to water falling from the sky made me feel sad for them.

The answer to the last question posed: Yes, smiles are in fact rare, and they catch people off guard. Or at least their attention, even if people can’t define what it is. Risk looking like a dweeb.

Just wake up to this song everyday. Carole King gets it.


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