Scavenger Hunt: Part Three


Five days between posts. I know. It’s almost like I got a life. Had plans. Got busy.

I did in fact just act as the designated driver for my aunt and uncle, so I have that going for me.

I also had a frozen yogurt be my wingman last night in a stroll down the heart of Saratoga. Yes Barnabus Stinson, it was legendairy (Thanks Mom for the wordplay).

What do we talk about here. It can’t be the blog about nothing. Jerry Seinfeld probably grabbed the rights to that when the internet was started. Side note, I hated Alison Haislip’s use of the word “interwebs” in the social media room on The Voice. But I love The Voice.

Today will serve as an apology for the lousy poem I wrote the other day. Really too easy, too effortless, and if I’m going to include Dr. Seuss in my poem, I need to at least acknowledge:

You’re wrong as the deuce

And you shouldn’t rejoice

If you’re calling him Seuss.

He pronounces it Soice.

-Alexander Liang

So there you have it- my poem was rubbish.

The other option, however, was to list the traits of my potential audiences and my own personal traits, and create a personality venn diagram. That’s right friends, you miss school? Get your nerd on here. That’s what it’s all about.


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