Scavenger Hunt: Part Two

Part Two: Who?

Who is this for

And who is it by?

When you read this

Does time by you fly?


Who might I be

And what is my name

Will you remember

Or am I just lame?


Do I blog for you

Or will this go viral

Shared by one person, then two

Then upward I spiral


Should my posts be shorter

Can they go on and on

Will you be here tomorrow

Or your attention be gone?


Why can I rhyme

Yet not seriously write

What aren’t you doing

If you’re here tonight?


Writing straight through

Not one little edit

This one stupid talent

Just give me some credit


Who is this for

And could you reply

This makes you laugh

A comment would imply


If not that’s okay

It won’t change a thing

I’m glad that you’re here

Be glad I write and don’t sing


Writing for us?

Though I’m no Dr. Seuss…

Just here to be silly

To share and let loose.


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