Scavenger Hunt

And so begins my search to understand blogging.

Part One: WHY.

Why do others blog?

To share art. Their comedy. Their wit.

To look smart. To share their brains. Or rather, to glaze over topics looking intelligent and well-read… but really, that’s all they have. To exhibit competency with regard to a subject. Establishment.

Or for funsies. Because it’s raining sideways outside and the library books went back yesterday.

Or to be popular. To become famous. To become known as the witty one. The funny one. The sexy one. The smart one. The professional one.

Or to relish in the fact that you could probably post anything here, and only your mom is going to read it.

To share the truth.

To spread fallacies.

To see what sticks.

To see what makes people react, respond, reconsider.

Not the reason? I’m not here to give advice. Most of the time.

2 Things:

Don’t leave your gas cap unscrewed accidentally. It will make your car’s cruise control turn off as your check engine light turns on, leaving your car lurching as you are halfway down the Northway on your morning commute.

Look both ways before leaving the dressing room. If not, you will be taking said check-engine car back the seven miles cringing as you ask the H&M saleswoman to retrieve your Forever 21 shopping bag.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything.

Maybe I know why I write. To talk. Like a phone call you can take at any time you want to check-in.

But it’s a one-way street and lonely method sometimes. So why?

I’ll go back to the Who. What. Where. When. How.

I’ll come back to this.


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