Walk the Walk, Don’t Just Talk the Talk, and Walk Because You Can Walk

Inexplicably exhausted. From eight hours a day in front of a computer, pre-blog.

I know. Tough life.

So I get home everyday and relax from my “hard” day in front of Excel by winding down with a good book or two. The reading material currently is “The Best Advice I Ever Got” by Katie Couric and Howard Schultz’s “Onward.” Did you know, Howard Schultz is the “ceo” rather than “CEO”of Starbucks? It’s a company tradition to have lowercase titles.

My legs need a walk. They need a jog, a run and some squats actually. They need less pizza.

They need to be used because they can. I just visited a friend who currently wishes either of her feet would support the slightest weight, that her ankles wouldn’t have struck the lemon lottery 2/2 opportunities.

Anytime I get a cold, I get that annoyed feeling- “Remember the glory days a week ago when your lips weren’t chapped, you could breath up your nose and your head wasn’t pounding when you turned left, right, up or down?” But a week later, it’s gone. Two weeks later, forgotten.

Petty thoughts, really. Complaints of the fortunate.

But legs. Limbs. Generic body parts. Vital, and apparently fragile, parts we’re not guaranteed to have function for any period of time.

Guess it’s time to use them. Before I lose them.


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