Am I… Write?

It’s a funny thing, looking at the bar graph of the site visits of a blog born a mere three weeks ago. The first 100 visits came within two days, 62 came in a single day and three weeks later we’ve slowed to 358 hits. Nothing to scoff at, but I’m not on track to be the next Perez Hilton. Yet.

But do I want to be?

+3,000 tweets, +225 blog posts, a Tumblr, Posterous,, Vimeo, YouTube, Foursquare, WordPress, 5 blog sites and a LinkedIn later, have I hit my online saturation point? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I shut it all down. Faded to the “obscurity” of the real, physical world. Went on a “blind” date with someone who couldn’t see my photos, videos or resume before meeting me.

But I think I’m committed. 863 Google results for “Janae DeRusso” later, I’m here and there’s no turning back. You don’t want to be the girl they find on Google who deactivated all her accounts. Scandalous. But as for blogging…

There is advice about writing to be found everywhere. Experienced writers will say hold on to your work, fine-tune it, edit it, revise it, let it sit a week and come back to it with a clear head.

Others used to the blog format encourage you to post everyday, at a bare minimum twice a week if your audience is going to remember to check back in for another post.

What is right? Will practice make perfect? Or at least better? Should I practice “to myself”? Have a twice-annual recital where I share my best pieces? Or unload a few thoughts a day until I hit a groove?

So many questions. Not enough time to answer them.

I’m too busy brainstorming my next piece.


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