“What Will They Say… Monday at School?”

This summer seems to have become about embracing the work of independent, strong, smart and respected women in society. Tina Fey. Maria Shriver. Now onto Katie Couric’s The Best Advice I Ever Got.

But sometimes, after a long week of waking up too early and going to bed too late, after spending days in front of computer screens and nights over the ironing board, I need the entertainment handed to me- no energy exerted, no reading required.

So I drove 30 miles to the drive-in.

Where you can see Hangover II and Bridemaids for $8.

Where you still see “Remember to Pray with Your Family” ads shown prior to movies.

Where nobody can tell you’re by yourself.

…Until you start making Danny Zuko jokes. #ISitAndWonderWhy-Yi-Yi-OhWhy

Where you can eat all the funnel cake you want.

Note: it loses a bit of its “fun” when you’re by yourself… the only lonely bit I picked up on during this independent trip of mine.

Where you questioning those prayer commercials is suddenly painfully ironic as you’re hoping hoping hoping the good folks of Malta drive-in, recent visitors of stall #1, turned your cell phone in to the funnel cake lady.

Side-story, I dropped my clutch in the toilet during intermission, thus distracting myself from remembering the cell phone I’d placed on the toilet paper dispenser. Classy. It was at the register. “Yes. Was it the big one?” Yup. Someone once asked at a party if I’d brought my calculator.

Bridesmaids was BRILLIANT. Hysterical, smart, romantic yet absolutely awkward and realistic (and all too-relatable). Cringe worthy moments of “oh that will be me in five years,” hopeful moments of “Awww, I hope that happens to me,” and plenty of “Oh my… That HAS happened to me.”

I highly recommend it for guys and girls. Girls will love it for what it is. Guys will find prime examples of the nice guy and absolute tool, so its a guarantee they’ll relate to something. It is very funny.

As for Hangover II, it was just fine. The Billy Joel bit made me burst out laughing (It’s on YouTube, but I’m not posting spoilers). I got to the drive-in late and was parked so far away. My eyes are bad or the screen was blurry. It was probably both. Regardless, I spent the entire time distracted by the thought of how badly I needed to clean my windshield. I moved up a closer for the second movie.

Something else I discovered this week: I seem to have the vocabulary of a 5th grader. It’s time to buy a thesaurus.


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