Scavenger Hunt: Part Two

Part Two: Who?

Who is this for

And who is it by?

When you read this

Does time by you fly?


Who might I be

And what is my name

Will you remember

Or am I just lame?


Do I blog for you

Or will this go viral

Shared by one person, then two

Then upward I spiral


Should my posts be shorter

Can they go on and on

Will you be here tomorrow

Or your attention be gone?


Why can I rhyme

Yet not seriously write

What aren’t you doing

If you’re here tonight?


Writing straight through

Not one little edit

This one stupid talent

Just give me some credit


Who is this for

And could you reply

This makes you laugh

A comment would imply


If not that’s okay

It won’t change a thing

I’m glad that you’re here

Be glad I write and don’t sing


Writing for us?

Though I’m no Dr. Seuss…

Just here to be silly

To share and let loose.


Scavenger Hunt

And so begins my search to understand blogging.

Part One: WHY.

Why do others blog?

To share art. Their comedy. Their wit.

To look smart. To share their brains. Or rather, to glaze over topics looking intelligent and well-read… but really, that’s all they have. To exhibit competency with regard to a subject. Establishment.

Or for funsies. Because it’s raining sideways outside and the library books went back yesterday.

Or to be popular. To become famous. To become known as the witty one. The funny one. The sexy one. The smart one. The professional one.

Or to relish in the fact that you could probably post anything here, and only your mom is going to read it.

To share the truth.

To spread fallacies.

To see what sticks.

To see what makes people react, respond, reconsider.

Not the reason? I’m not here to give advice. Most of the time.

2 Things:

Don’t leave your gas cap unscrewed accidentally. It will make your car’s cruise control turn off as your check engine light turns on, leaving your car lurching as you are halfway down the Northway on your morning commute.

Look both ways before leaving the dressing room. If not, you will be taking said check-engine car back the seven miles cringing as you ask the H&M saleswoman to retrieve your Forever 21 shopping bag.

I don’t pretend to be an expert in anything.

Maybe I know why I write. To talk. Like a phone call you can take at any time you want to check-in.

But it’s a one-way street and lonely method sometimes. So why?

I’ll go back to the Who. What. Where. When. How.

I’ll come back to this.

Walk the Walk, Don’t Just Talk the Talk, and Walk Because You Can Walk

Inexplicably exhausted. From eight hours a day in front of a computer, pre-blog.

I know. Tough life.

So I get home everyday and relax from my “hard” day in front of Excel by winding down with a good book or two. The reading material currently is “The Best Advice I Ever Got” by Katie Couric and Howard Schultz’s “Onward.” Did you know, Howard Schultz is the “ceo” rather than “CEO”of Starbucks? It’s a company tradition to have lowercase titles.

My legs need a walk. They need a jog, a run and some squats actually. They need less pizza.

They need to be used because they can. I just visited a friend who currently wishes either of her feet would support the slightest weight, that her ankles wouldn’t have struck the lemon lottery 2/2 opportunities.

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Am I… Write?

It’s a funny thing, looking at the bar graph of the site visits of a blog born a mere three weeks ago. The first 100 visits came within two days, 62 came in a single day and three weeks later we’ve slowed to 358 hits. Nothing to scoff at, but I’m not on track to be the next Perez Hilton. Yet.

But do I want to be?

+3,000 tweets, +225 blog posts, a Tumblr, Posterous,, Vimeo, YouTube, Foursquare, WordPress, 5 blog sites and a LinkedIn later, have I hit my online saturation point? Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I shut it all down. Faded to the “obscurity” of the real, physical world. Went on a “blind” date with someone who couldn’t see my photos, videos or resume before meeting me.

But I think I’m committed. 863 Google results for “Janae DeRusso” later, I’m here and there’s no turning back. You don’t want to be the girl they find on Google who deactivated all her accounts. Scandalous. But as for blogging…

There is advice about writing to be found everywhere. Experienced writers will say hold on to your work, fine-tune it, edit it, revise it, let it sit a week and come back to it with a clear head.

Others used to the blog format encourage you to post everyday, at a bare minimum twice a week if your audience is going to remember to check back in for another post.

What is right? Will practice make perfect? Or at least better? Should I practice “to myself”? Have a twice-annual recital where I share my best pieces? Or unload a few thoughts a day until I hit a groove?

So many questions. Not enough time to answer them.

I’m too busy brainstorming my next piece.

I Love Lucy, Do You?

I read the following Craigslist posting this morning.






As I’m reading the first few lines, my internal voice takes on a Lucy Ricardo “Vitameatavegamin” tone.

And I say that. And my friend says “vita-what?” Vitameatavegamin! “I know but I don’t know what you’re saying.”

And my heart starts pounding- You don’t know Vitameatavegamin? You aren’t one of the millions of “happy peppy people” who have enjoyed this classic, iconic I Love Lucy skit?

And I start spilling I Love Lucy factoids. About the limited band-leading performance time Desi Arnaz’s contract allowed in Season One. The age difference between Vivian Vance and William Frawley… My other friend says “Who’s Fred and Ethel?”

And I want to tell more. About the groundbreaking show I Love Lucy was. How CBS censored the word pregnant, thus the episode “Lucy is Enciente.” How it was the first pregnancy shown on tv. How Lucille Ball and Lucy Ricardo had their babies on the same night, January 19, 1953. How the births of those babies Monday night made bigger headlines that week than Eisenhower’s Tuesday inauguration. The relationship between Vance and Frawley. The relationship between Arnaz and Ball. Ricky and Lucy Ricardo (originally scripted as Lucy and Larry Lopez).

It always amazes me when I find that something I believe to be historical, important and groundbreaking is completely unknown by someone standing right next to me. Someone who in fact is twenty years older than me.

I wonder what crazy, historical, important and groundbreaking thing they know about of which I’ve never heard. I wonder what I’m missing out on knowing today. It’s pretty neat to think about.

“What Will They Say… Monday at School?”

This summer seems to have become about embracing the work of independent, strong, smart and respected women in society. Tina Fey. Maria Shriver. Now onto Katie Couric’s The Best Advice I Ever Got.

But sometimes, after a long week of waking up too early and going to bed too late, after spending days in front of computer screens and nights over the ironing board, I need the entertainment handed to me- no energy exerted, no reading required.

So I drove 30 miles to the drive-in.

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