3D Anxiety

Nothing causes me more trivial, unnecessary anxiety than going to a 3D movie with a 5-year-old who refuses to keep her 3D glasses on.

I take my glasses off to test and Po, the Kung Fu Panda is fuzzy in multiple ways. I hear the giggles of the kid and wonder what she’s actually seeing. She can’t possibly have detected the jokes of what now appears to be the poorest animation job ever. Was she ever following the movie anyway?

I have a headache. To be honest, the Kung Fu Panda 2 plotline was a little complicated for me. The opening sequence lost me for a bit.

It hurts to take off my glasses and watch, and with them on side glances at the child next to me are stressing me out. The older kids watch the movie unbothered. I can’t take it. Can’t shake it. I just know she can’t see a darn thing.

In other news, I return to New York tomorrow. I graduated two weeks ago. Two weeks later, I have slept. I have tanned. I have read a few books. I have consumed fresh foods. I have officially achieved healthy-person status after a period of insanity.

Now, freckled, burned, tanned, rested, I wish I could return to say all my college goodbyes again. 25% more put together, and a solid 3.2% better looking.


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