This One’s a Keeper.

I know. Why can’t she stick with one blog? One website? One poorly named place to publicly journal her random thoughts, smarter sounding queries and poorly edited rants about men, life and the proper way the 24-hr media cycle should cover the news?

And why abandon Blogger? It has only been good to me in the 29 months since I published my first piece, “That’s right, I got a blog for my boredom.” One month later, I got a Daily Orange column. Two months later, a Twitter. You know the rest from there.

I’m a fan of social media.

Now a switch to WordPress solely to disassociate myself, my account, and more importantly, new posts from the growing pains of my nineteen, twenty and twenty-one year-old self. Also from any strangers (stalkers) picked up along the way. Gotta give the crazies something new to find.

So here we go. Again.


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