Ten Things

Maria Shriver gave the commencement address at Holy Cross in 1998. The feedback from that speech, focusing on the top things she wish she knew as she graduated college led to the expanding of her speech into a short book in 2000, “Ten Things I Wish I’d Known- Before I Went Out into the Real World.”

With current events as they are, we can imagine there’s a lot more now she wishes she had known. Knowing Shriver is divorcing her husband, Arnold Schwarzenegger, after it was revealed he’d fathered a child in 1996 (two years before her speech, four years before her book) is mildly distracting, as she writes so fondly of her husband and her marriage, though lesson 8 is “Marriage Is a Hell of a Lot of Hard Work.”

That aside, the messages are still extremely strong, and her actions in dealing with the revelations are as can be expected from her after reading the book. Take care of yourself. Don’t expect anyone else to financially support you. No one can love you if you don’t love yourself. Embrace what makes you unique. Make your own life and identity.

And those were all mini-lessons in just 2-3 of the chapters.

She’s an interesting, strong lady. I’m fascinated by her career, which you read quite a bit about in the 122-page book. I’m looking forward to reading more from her.

She posed an interesting question online recently, and I am curious how many people reading this have an answer they would publicly share. What do you love most about yourself?


We’re Not That Worried Alert

Beep Beep Beep.

“Ma’am, please step aside, you’ve been selected for additional screening. Please wait over here” (gestures to nook 15 feet away).

Oh my gosh, this is kinda nerve-wracking. Me? Now? But my laptop is way over there… I mean, it’s probably random. Right? What could I possibly be hiding in my jeggings? Are they judging me because I’m wearing jeggings?

Am I going to get a super pat-down? Back massage-style? My lifetime dose of radiation? Should I strike a pose when I get through the x-ray machine?

“Hi ma’am. Please hold out your palms… No, the other way.”

Swab. Swab. It tickles. Scan.

“Ok you’re all set. Thank you for your patience.”

Wait… that’s it? I used to rub a napkin in my toddler sister’s palms to tickle her and make her giggle. I don’t feel more safe at all. That wasn’t invasive, or inappropriate, or MSNBC travel woes blog rant worthy whatsoever. I have an hour until my flight boards, I can hang around…

I hope there’s Wi-Fi on my plane again. Today’s e-mail subject lines: “What’s Up? I Am” and slightly more unsettling “I’m Over You.”

Popular for awhile now, still great.

3D Anxiety

Nothing causes me more trivial, unnecessary anxiety than going to a 3D movie with a 5-year-old who refuses to keep her 3D glasses on.

I take my glasses off to test and Po, the Kung Fu Panda is fuzzy in multiple ways. I hear the giggles of the kid and wonder what she’s actually seeing. She can’t possibly have detected the jokes of what now appears to be the poorest animation job ever. Was she ever following the movie anyway?

I have a headache. To be honest, the Kung Fu Panda 2 plotline was a little complicated for me. The opening sequence lost me for a bit.

It hurts to take off my glasses and watch, and with them on side glances at the child next to me are stressing me out. The older kids watch the movie unbothered. I can’t take it. Can’t shake it. I just know she can’t see a darn thing.

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“Once in a generation a woman comes along who changes everything. TINA FEY is not that woman, but she met that woman once and acted weird around her.” – Tina Fey, Bossypants (back cover)

If we met, and 1,000 other relevant good things happened, Tina Fey and I would be best friends. At least, the kind of friends where I call her my best friend, and she returns every third phone call.

I like to think we have a few key things in common.

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This One’s a Keeper.

I know. Why can’t she stick with one blog? One website? One poorly named place to publicly journal her random thoughts, smarter sounding queries and poorly edited rants about men, life and the proper way the 24-hr media cycle should cover the news?

And why abandon Blogger? It has only been good to me in the 29 months since I published my first piece, “That’s right, I got a blog for my boredom.” One month later, I got a Daily Orange column. Two months later, a Twitter. You know the rest from there.

I’m a fan of social media.

Now a switch to WordPress solely to disassociate myself, my account, and more importantly, new posts from the growing pains of my nineteen, twenty and twenty-one year-old self. Also from any strangers (stalkers) picked up along the way. Gotta give the crazies something new to find.

So here we go. Again.