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A few words of advice.

September 15, 2012


Quite randomly, a man came up to Ryan and handed him this yesterday. He let me share.

Telling a story people want to read.

July 4, 2012


“That’s the beautiful thing about writing… It’s endless.” So said my shuttle driver this morning between my hotel and the Orlando International Airport. He’d asked me how I’d ended up choosing to live in New York when my family lives in California. A short bit of small talk about geography and the weather later, a […]

Innocence and Flowers.

May 6, 2012


When I was backpacking Europe, the best stories weren’t always about the whole day or the city I was in, the something new I saw. Sometimes the best parts were five or fifteen minutes long – the minutes you’d remember from that day. The conversations.

Love vs. Awkwardness… and What Else Led You To “Me”

April 25, 2012


Every once in awhile, social media makes me giggle. Like I’m fooling people.

One Year Later

April 23, 2012


Blogs are funny. Even when I write up my life as honestly and truthfully as possible, you know there has to be some editing – or, at least, minor touching up. I generally leave out the times I’m that person shoving Taco Bell in my face at the red light.  Most of it makes the […]

Thinking About You and Laughing.

April 22, 2012


It’s a two-part post.

Spin Cycle

April 4, 2012


Laundry night. First thing I would do if I won the lotto? Buy a washer and dryer. It won’t be kids, marriage, owning a home or having a salary for me to feel I’ve made it. I just want a washer and dryer I can access without going out in public. Hermit-like laundry doing will […]

“This Means” We Should Probably Research Our Movie Picks First

March 31, 2012


Hello, weekend. I make it a point to not document date nights on the blog, but twice since we’ve met we’ve ended the night, writing little weirdos that we are, with “You’ve got to blog about this. HOW do you even… I can’t wait to see what you write.”

Stop and do the dishes.

March 17, 2012


Slowing down. I realized this week my bosses wouldn’t fire me if I take two minutes to make my bed in the morning. Or hang my clothes and my towel. That when you’re running late to run early, you still end up getting there on-time.

5 Steps To A Smile’s Kickstart

March 11, 2012


Mid-conversation the other day, a group walking by me made me pause my sentence. I asked my friend if he ever noticed how many people walk around with expressions set to a default frown. Why is that? I’m not speaking for everyone. There are some genuinely happy people out there, but take a look around […]


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