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Choose Your Own (Fairytale) Adventure

October 27, 2011


I am quite a happy little lady this week. I’m feeling on top of the world, which is in fact somewhat like where I found this little ladybug. I’m living a fairytale. That is if fairytale princesses wore backpacks instead of ball gowns. If fairytale princesses stopped cleaning stepmothers’ houses and stopped ever feeling quite […]

Can You Hear Me Now? Good.

October 25, 2011


I know. Three days almost went by. The journey from Brussels to Munich was, if painless and way better than the Oregon Trail, exhausting. I went to bed Saturday night beat. Munich is gorgeous. Simply beautiful. Unfortunately, I was tired cranky during my Sunday walking tour, and it was cold, so you have to take […]

It’s 2p.m., do YOU know where you’re sleeping tonight?

October 22, 2011


Working titles: Paris? I Prefer Trains; Two Hours in Luxembourg; Step Right Up and See How Flexible She Is; I Power Walked a Country… and So Can You; Livin’ La Vida Luxembourg; The Longest Story About a Day of Not Much; I Just Paparazzi’d A Nursing Home and Now I Feel Like an Asshole. The […]


October 16, 2011


At midnight I searched “Berlin rail” to find the schedule for trains to Amsterdam. Has anyone read the news lately? At least 16 undetonated firebombs have been found on Berlin rail lines this week, care of an extremist group. Scary stuff. I had just commented to Erin how the Hauptbahnnof station is the largest, neatest […]

The Berlin Series: Scenery, Skies… And the Sillies.

October 14, 2011


Sometimes clouds are the best. Also, we just so happen to be in Berlin for the start of the Festival of Lights… Everything is great. Scenery and Skies … And the sillies. These kids walked by us in two lines, wearing boots and hazard vests… Adorable. Erin hates scaffolding with a passion. Erin: “All that […]

The Berlin Series: The Wall

October 14, 2011


I was two months old when the Berlin Wall fell. It was really odd to realize I was standing next to the remnants of it, in a few spots around Berlin. Most pictures were taken at the East Side Gallery on Thursday, October 13.

The Berlin Series: The Jewish Museum and the Holocaust Memorial

October 14, 2011


All Erin and I have done in Berlin is walked… Long and far, and often incorrect, ways. It leads to great pictures and stories. As you walk down these streets, you don’t have to enter a museum to see history, and it’s true all over Europe. Here are just a few snapshots of what’s been […]


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