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Giraffes, Burgers and Milkshakes.

August 15, 2012


I was at the Altamont Fairgrounds yesterday for work and went rogue for a few minutes between responsibilities. Tonight, we grilled. Giraffes, burgers and milkshakes – just a few shots from the week.

Cookin’ With Q: Grilled Salmon (and Homemade Pesto because I Didn’t Kill the Herb Garden Yet!)

July 24, 2012


A few weeks ago, I got home from work on a Friday night to a boyfriend waiting on my porch, and with him, a brand new herb garden for my apartment. Yes, How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days fans… It’s like the super love fern and I’m terrified to kill it. Because I’m […]

Fifty Shades of “Shut Up”

June 30, 2012


Life has been busy. Work has been busy. I spent an entire night at the mall last night feeling generally miserable about all dressing room outcomes across the various stores and then just went 11-for-14 at 8:45a.m. today at Target. Who knew? Anyone who knows me knows I hate breaking the rules for fear of […]

Cookin’ With Q Recipe #2: BBQ Chicken Wrap

June 21, 2012


While Ryan was cooking dinner the other night, I looked over and saw him taking photos to document the process himself. I’m so proud. Guest post #2. Recipe time. hominahominahominahomina…. It’s important to begin every cooking excursion with a nice meditative mantra. I yell that at the top of my lungs… oh, 20, 30 times […]

Little Man

June 17, 2012


Innocence and Flowers.

May 6, 2012


When I was backpacking Europe, the best stories weren’t always about the whole day or the city I was in, the something new I saw. Sometimes the best parts were five or fifteen minutes long – the minutes you’d remember from that day. The conversations.

Ten Things Since I Started Thinking About Ten Things I’ve Learned Since College.

May 3, 2012


Because those Ten Things You Weren’t Told at Graduation lists usually bum you out with lines like: Nobody told you you were destined to be broke, broken out and out of work. So here is my list of ten instead.

That Time I Held A Kid’s Flat Stanley Hostage For Three Months

April 28, 2012


“Hello! My name is Flat Stanley and I come from a 3rd grade class in CA. We read a story about me – It’s a story about how I am accidentally flattened when my bulletin board falls on me while I’m sleeping. It sounds like a tragedy, but I make the most of this dilemma. […]

Dr. Seuss Dreams

March 2, 2012


Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! The first book I ever read was Dr. Seuss’ “ABC.” Twenty-two years later, my dream is to write children’s books. They rhyme, they make me happy and I want to make kids smile. Is there a better feeling? Sure, this isn’t the typical way you write and share a children’s book, […]

“I made it look like it rained.”

January 6, 2012


I was inside dealing with this. It’s the 50% of clothes in California. All the work clothes are in NY. Remember when I lived out of a backpack? Getting back to that. Anyway, Mom was upstairs folding laundry. Ella was watering the plants with what we assumed was her little pink bucket. We decide to […]


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