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In the meantime… Stories.

November 13, 2012


It’s been a really long time since I sat down to write up some random stories. It’s not that I don’t write – Every day, I write about mobile apps, pest control, plastic surgery, resorts, safety eyewear – I wrote a blog about blogging. I read and write a lot at work, and I’ve gotten […]

Everything’s New (One Year Ago Today)

September 3, 2012


Ahdem had started the day telling Andrea and I “You’ll never forget this in your life.” I like to think I have a pretty good memory, and for the things I’m afraid I’ll forget, I’m known to document heavily – too heavily, in some opinions. And in all those stored up memories – good, bad, […]

August, in a Nutshell.

August 29, 2012


It’s rare that two weeks go by  without a blog post, and it makes me laugh when people notice and then ask me what’s going on. A few times, people have thought I quit. Other times they’re worried something is wrong – this week, you were curious about, “Hey, when are you going to blog? […]

At the last two weeks of twenty-two.

August 5, 2012


August 6, 2011 was a bummer of a day. On August 5, I left my internship, a half-day, with confidence I’d be returning as a full-time employee after backpacking Europe. That, I felt really good about. On August 5, 2011, I had one final date with the boy I’d met at Starbucks two months prior and […]

Stuck in draft mode.

July 22, 2012


Just days shy of one year ago, I had a serious conversation about writing, and by extension, life. On a Saturday night over our mugs of coffee, I was asked what I write, why I write and who I write it for, why I wanted people to read it – and why I thought people […]

Telling a story people want to read.

July 4, 2012


“That’s the beautiful thing about writing… It’s endless.” So said my shuttle driver this morning between my hotel and the Orlando International Airport. He’d asked me how I’d ended up choosing to live in New York when my family lives in California. A short bit of small talk about geography and the weather later, a […]

Simple Life.

June 9, 2012


You’ve Got Nae turned a year and 35,000 hits old recently. Thanks for being here, taking my serious moments seriously, laughing at the funnies, enjoying the photos and pushing me to write more, think better. This has been a lot of fun for me and I’m glad you’re here! I’m sitting out on my second […]

We’ll Call You “7” – Three Couples and the Not-Single Solo Girl Take On Boston, and Other Love Stories.

May 28, 2012


Memorial Day Weekend in Boston, MA. I drove out there to visit old college friends for one day and two nights of catching up and sightseeing, with a side order of Woodchuck and Goldschläger, Apples to Apples and The Game of Things enjoyed. Begrudgingly leaving Ryan behind to his weekend-scheduled work – side note, weekday date […]

Choose Your Own (Fairytale) Adventure III

May 21, 2012


Back in October, I found a castle in Germany. Back in December, I climbed a little higher and found a castle in Portugal. And now I’m back in the United States, and I’m not near any castles.

Ten Things Since I Started Thinking About Ten Things I’ve Learned Since College.

May 3, 2012


Because those Ten Things You Weren’t Told at Graduation lists usually bum you out with lines like: Nobody told you you were destined to be broke, broken out and out of work. So here is my list of ten instead.


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