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Goodnight, Paris.

November 28, 2011


My time in Paris has come to an end. At ten nights, it’s the place I’ve stayed the longest, but I knew that would be the case all along. I feared my bag would break her if we put it on… This worked instead. Nancy left yesterday. We spent our last morning wandering Christmas markets […]

PDA and Posing in Paris

November 26, 2011


Love is everywhere in Paris. Everywhere. Even written in the grout between tiles of the grungy bathroom stall in the Arc de Triumph. I’d never choose a random bathroom stall to permanently leave “Janae and (Name) Forever.” So dirty. So germy. So occupied by random strangers and gross acts. Placement is everything. It’s also why […]

Sudafed and Champagne… In Paris

November 25, 2011


We slept in. We got lunch. Girl talk. At length. It started raining. We retreated to the hotel for umbrellas. We already have colds to fight. We started our sightseeing day at 2:30p.m., and we were so efficient. Our first stop was the Museum D’Orsay and I can finally add something to the art conversation […]

Pancakes and Paris

November 25, 2011


Did I say a couple days? As if there weren’t going to be stories in the meantime. Nancy got to Paris yesterday morning. While waiting in the hotel lobby for her to arrive, I struck up a conversation with the most “unfun” woman. She said she was from New York and I said I live […]

To Whom It May Concern… One For Thanksgiving

November 23, 2011


On my way to the 14th Arrondissement a few minutes ago, a man stopped me on the street and asked if I spoke English, then said, “I have written a book, I write poetry and you look like an artist. Would you like to get a drink?” If he wasn’t just a little too shifty-eyed, […]

My Own Special Moment

November 22, 2011


My uncle lived in Paris when he was my age. This summer, he wrote me a Paris to-do list for whenever I made it here. One thing on the list was to visit his old building, and for documentation’s sake, snap a photo of my reflection at the door. Four months later, I finally made […]

Occupy Other People’s Special Moments: Paris

November 21, 2011


Whenever someone asks me if I’m writing a travel blog, I pause. Yes, I am… I travel, and I’ve been traveling a lot. But travel people read travel blogs for local history, weather patterns, tips and trivia… I’m a little short on those. I like stories and conversations. Luckily it works over here where friends […]


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