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One For Seven Million People – The Long Lost Story From Bulgaria I Survived To Tell

January 12, 2012


If you haven’t seen the Facebook page, check it out! If posts are ever sporadic here, quick thoughts and notes will be on there regularly. This story has been left untold for four months. I wasn’t sure if I’d live to tell it. Or rather, if I told it, if I’d live. Clearly, I have. […]

More from Veliko Tarnovo

September 22, 2011


So I’d stubbed my toe, made a mess, got back to the hostel, didn’t cry. Feeling kind of cranky, I took a nap. I went out to the lounge to ask for dinner ideas, and one of the guests (who had earlier been cooking toast and insisted on giving me one of his two hot […]

Making cents and sense… Making change.

September 16, 2011


Took these stairs today. Didn’t know where they led, logic just told me somewhere. At home, I’d never think twice about using a $5 bill to pay for a candy bar, drive-thru snack or water bottle. But time and time again here, I get the dirtiest looks for not having low enough change. 1.80 for […]


September 15, 2011


We’d been roommates for over a day now, myself and a mother-daughter duo. I wasn’t positive our relationship would get further than the initial “hola,” but then the daughter asked me where I was from, and over the next two hours and our plates of spaghetti, we talked. They, mother who speaks Spanish and little […]

Tomatoes & Toast

September 14, 2011


Phase One: Spain with Dad. Barcelona -> Madrid -> Barcelona. Phase Two: Eastern Europe with Andrea. Istanbul -> Cappadocia -> Ankara -> Sofia -> Belgrade -> Sofia. Tomatoes & Toast A simple breakfast for a nervous stomach Day one of traveling solo The lounge is silent but for sounds of butter knives scraping bread “Easy” […]

Unity makes friends.

September 7, 2011


The translation of Bulgaria’s motto, according to our tour guide Dimeter this morning. Fitting, since I’ve been thinking about conversations we’ve had the past few days. With Adam. He asked us about our homes, our towns, our families. Would we one day return to take care of our parents’ house when they age and no […]


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