Sunday Night Cookin’ with Q!

April 21, 2013



Remember Cookin’ with Q, when we first started dating and I was in shock someone in my apartment was making not-frozen-dinners for dinner? New record – I haven’t eaten a frozen dinner in more than four months. And he made shelves this week, so now I have to figure out how we’re going to decorate […]

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New art.

April 16, 2013



Hey everyone! It’s been awhile. I’ve had trouble writing on this blog lately – no new photo albums to share, no terribly crazy stories to tell (which sometimes is a good thing!), and not much at all to complain about. Also, I find the more I write at work, the less I’ve been writing at […]

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The Day I Wanted Crab Cakes and Ended Up in a One-Way Tunnel to the Airport.

March 7, 2013



I’m stuck in this one-way tunnel – that I wasn’t supposed to be in – to an airport I don’t need to be going to – in a city I don’t know – with a dying cell phone. And I start crying. But just how did a day trip to Boston get so emotional? Let’s […]

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Ten minutes on storytelling.

February 20, 2013



Sipping quickly from a coffee mug, I’m about to leave to go speak to (and with) a group of Capital Region bloggers I’ve never met. I’ve been asked to talk about creating blogs worth reading – and how to share them, how to promote them. So I’m thinking. And thinking quick, because quite honestly, I […]

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Twenty three point five.

February 19, 2013



I look at 2011, when I posted 165 times, and 2012, when I posted 86 times. It’s 2013, and it’s February 19, and I’ve posted 3 times. And I go into a slight panic about where it all went, the posts I’m not writing, the photographs I’m not taking – the readership I’m surely losing […]

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The One About Living With The Boy: Super Bowl Edition

February 3, 2013



It’s 4:25 p.m. the day of the Super Bowl, and we’re about to have some friends over for the game. The veggie platter is made, pizzas ordered, onion dip mixed, the frozen T.G.I. Friday snacks in the freezer just in case we run out of food or I really want a jalapeño popper. The apartment […]

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“I’m Like Batman.”

January 22, 2013


So you guys really wanted to hear about living with the boy. So much so it sky-rocketed into my top 10 most read posts ever. Reading the stats on what gets read – or what leads you to this blog – cracks me up. Because, if this blog in some way, shape or form, represents or […]

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