The most ridiculous pot of parsley. And other news.

Posted on December 18, 2012


photo 3

Once upon a time a year ago, I blogged every day.

And I miss it.

photo 4

This is my absurdly large parsley plant. Since cooler weather came, it’s lived indoors. I water it in my shower.

It’s on steroids.

In other news, it has been exactly one year and three days since I returned from my European backpacking extravaganza (see twenty-two and four months old: Going home).

This twenty-three and four months old person is in denial.

What a ridiculous year, much like my parsley, on steroids.

2012 ends with changing job roles for both me and the boy.

It ends with signing the lease to our new apartment.

It ends with packing up boxes, checking out estate sales, scanning Craigslist and condensing old clutter that will not make another move.

It ends with picking out whether we want a white coffee maker or a black one. A red Crock-Pot or a silver one. A spare bedroom or an office. What photo do we want hanging over the mantle of our new (decorative) fireplace?

I’m partial to this guy from Paris.


2011 was graduate college, take internship, meet boy, backpack Europe year.

2012 was move to NY, get car, get apartment, get job, get boy, love job, love boy year.

New apartment keys on January 1.

I’m excited.

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