Fifty Shades of “Shut Up”

Life has been busy. Work has been busy. I spent an entire night at the mall last night feeling generally miserable about all dressing room outcomes across the various stores and then just went 11-for-14 at 8:45a.m. today at Target. Who knew?

Anyone who knows me knows I hate breaking the rules for fear of getting admonished. I felt more than slightly mischievous when I walked back out to my basket after the first round of the limited six and snuck eight back to the dressing room for round two. Because I was way to lazy to do the whole dress in my t-shirt and jeans bit before gathering my round three summer apparel from ten feet away.

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Cookin’ With Q Recipe #2: BBQ Chicken Wrap

While Ryan was cooking dinner the other night, I looked over and saw him taking photos to document the process himself. I’m so proud.

Guest post #2. Recipe time.


It’s important to begin every cooking excursion with a nice meditative mantra. I yell that at the top of my lungs… oh, 20, 30 times depending on the temperature and time of day. Continue reading Cookin’ With Q Recipe #2: BBQ Chicken Wrap