That Time I Held A Kid’s Flat Stanley Hostage For Three Months

“Hello! My name is Flat Stanley and I come from a 3rd grade class in CA. We read a story about me – It’s a story about how I am accidentally flattened when my bulletin board falls on me while I’m sleeping. It sounds like a tragedy, but I make the most of this dilemma. I’m able to slide under doors, retrieve a lost ring in an outdoor grating, and fly a kite. Best of all, because I am flat, I can easily fit inside an envelope and travel via the postal service – all for the price of a stamp! Continue reading


One Year Later

Blogs are funny. Even when I write up my life as honestly and truthfully as possible, you know there has to be some editing – or, at least, minor touching up. I generally leave out the times I’m that person shoving Taco Bell in my face at the red light. 

Most of it makes the blog, because I’ve been told to keep writing the stories. Even if these important people telling me to write it have to deal with being the main characters in recaps, thoughts, what ifs. Continue reading