“This Means” We Should Probably Research Our Movie Picks First

Hello, weekend.

When I was little, my room was full of Lucy collectibles. I dressed up as Lucy Ricardo for 6th grade Halloween. These were on my porch Thursday night, for no special occasion other than to make me smile.

I make it a point to not document date nights on the blog, but twice since we’ve met we’ve ended the night, writing little weirdos that we are, with “You’ve got to blog about this. HOW do you even… I can’t wait to see what you write.” Continue reading “This Means” We Should Probably Research Our Movie Picks First

Time flying and hair dyeing.

I just got home from the first real college reunion we’ve had since we graduated last May. I always thought it was kind of bogus when alumni would come back and ┬ábe like “Ah, the real world is so hard, stay here and enjoy it while you can kiddos. I’ve changed and you’ll change, too.” What’s ten months.

And then I saw some girls dressed in not much on the way to a frat party last night. Ugh. Never again. Never really ever that much before. But, certainly never again. I… felt… old? Continue reading Time flying and hair dyeing.

5 Steps To A Smile’s Kickstart

Mid-conversation the other day, a group walking by me made me pause my sentence. I asked my friend if he ever noticed how many people walk around with expressions set to a default frown.

Why is that?

I’m not speaking for everyone. There are some genuinely happy people out there, but take a look around – as a society, we’re stressed. We’re insecure. Thoughts of problems, money and what-ifs distract us from thoughts that bring smiles.

Person A is getting the promotion before us.

Person B is going to date someone better than ourselves.

Person C didn’t smile at us.

They must not like us.

And it’s our own fault, because we’re insecure and there’s probably something wrong with us. Continue reading 5 Steps To A Smile’s Kickstart