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On life in black and white.

February 25, 2012


In one of the first posts on this blog, I wrote about life in black and white. It was last July, and I had just watched Lucille Ball and Bob Hope’s “Affair to Remember.” It made me wonder how many people in 2011, outside of the 9th grade and away from the trap that is […]

150 Words.

February 22, 2012


Living vicariously. I heard that a lot from everyone when I was in Europe, and it made me smile. You were living vicariously as “we all” talked to strangers, didn’t fall off castles, got woken up by strange men in hostels by the rub of an arm (and we were on the top bunk), and […]

Feels like home.

February 20, 2012


I get antsy when I don’t blog. Four times in February just doesn’t cut it… But I think, after a few weeks of getting prepared for New York life, I think… I’m ready to LIVE my New York life. And it feels great! I have an apartment. One with exposed brick walls, wine bottle wall […]

New Yorker (Week One)

February 13, 2012


I didn’t quit the blog. I just was insanely and fantastically busy. Let’s see – Monday we found out I have the credit score from h*ll due to a $24 modem. Awesome. And I can’t quite put together what I did Tuesday. But Wednesday? Visited an apartment. Loved the apartment. It has an exposed brick […]

Give Me Some Credit!

February 6, 2012


And here we are in Albany, New York.  I left Southern California Saturday morning with three suitcases and a carry-on bag with five things capable of taking pictures and three blank journals. Did I look like I like to document life? You bet. We landed in Vegas at 11:11a.m. Made a wish. So did Randy, […]

To Whom It May Concern II

February 4, 2012


Parking Lot Positivity

February 2, 2012


Moving through Europe = plenty of time to write. Moving across the United States = zero time to write. I do miss writing every day.I woke up homesick for Lisbon a few days ago, the last place I drafted a children’s book. I miss having a camera on me at all times – I forget […]


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