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Memories of Heidelberg

October 31, 2011


A song I like today. On my train into Munich yesterday, I shared a car compartment with one woman. We didn’t speak until we were pulling into the Munich main station, when she asked how long my journey is. We talked for a moment and she asked if I’d been to Heidelberg. I told her […]

The Process.

October 30, 2011


92 posts 29 trains 27 hotels/hostels 25 cities 13 countries 6 planes 5 overnight trains 4 buses (1 overnight) 3 children’s books written 3 bottles of face wash lost 0 bedbug bites …and 45 days to go. I got off the train today in Innsbruck, Austria. It’s too expensive to sleep there, so I planned […]

Small things.

October 30, 2011


Hofgarten in Innsbruck, Austria

What will this day be like? I wonder. What will my future be? I wonder.

October 29, 2011


And mind me with each step I am more certain Everything will turn out fine I have confidence the world can all be mine They’ll have to agree I have confidence in me I’m about to drop so many Sound of Music lyrics in this post. For Erin, Ryan and all other friends who haven’t […]

Just a moment.

October 29, 2011


Salzburg, Austria, where the hills are alive with the sound of my giggling.

October 28, 2011


You seize the day and we’ll season your fries. Even vegetarians. Even though we think you’re weird. Don’t worry. We took these pictures before they knew our intentions. Dine and die. It’s always a good time in Ritchie’s room. Spend your money here and we’ll feel more secure. Have your own pick, or you can […]

Choose Your Own (Fairytale) Adventure

October 27, 2011


I am quite a happy little lady this week. I’m feeling on top of the world, which is in fact somewhat like where I found this little ladybug. I’m living a fairytale. That is if fairytale princesses wore backpacks instead of ball gowns. If fairytale princesses stopped cleaning stepmothers’ houses and stopped ever feeling quite […]


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