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Sunny days.

August 31, 2011


Twelve-hour bus to Cappadocia tonight. Bus to Ankara this weekend before a Tuesday flight to Sofia, Bulgaria. Having a hard time believing I’ve been in Europe for two weeks, though half the time the thought is “already” and the other half it’s “only.” Either way, all positive thoughts. Every once in awhile, I forget I’m […]

An Istanbul Affair to Remember

August 30, 2011


Six months ago, I told Andrea we’d meet (“honeymoon”) in Paris. Late June, in a frantic “I can only be in most of Europe for a collective 90days max with my visa, and I just booked flights 122 days apart from each other” panic, I bought a $97 Barcelona-Istanbul plane ticket on my cell phone […]

“Do you need diamonds? Because I will SO haggle for diamonds.”

August 29, 2011


Somewhere in the past five days we flew to day five in Istanbul. Does that make sense? That’s how it feels, anyway. Istanbul 2011 trip is different from Istanbul 2009. Quieter. I’m much less nervous. I quite enjoy sitting down to lunch with a waiter who calls Andrea and I “Shakira and Jennifer (Lopez).” Our […]

Reunited and it feels so good. And hot, and kinda sticky.

August 28, 2011


With my bi-coastal living and tendency to change locations frequently and make dramatic decisions like backpacking for four months, I successfully create opportunities for movie-worthy emotional airport reunions. The latest, with one of the loves of my life, Andrea. I burst through the sliding customs door and saw her. Shrieked. Ran toward her (and the […]

Este, Esa y  el Otra Cosa:  Final Thoughts From Spain

August 27, 2011


One night, Dad and I got to a cafe and when I tried to ask for two minutes in Spanish, she said “¡Sí, dos mohitos!” Stretching when you’re walking all day every day is vital to keeping you healthy and in shape for the next walk. And if you ask me, after watching Dad, there […]

A Different Kind of Writing Day

August 24, 2011


I taped my metro and Museo del Prado tickets on the same page of my journal, and with thoughts from a friend, ended up with this – written at breakfast on my last day in Barcelona hours after Dad left for the airport. I hope you enjoy. As always, any feedback, comments or ideas you […]

We Can Do The Tango Just For Two

August 23, 2011


Tonight’s post coming from someone hoping you check out talented friends from upstate New York… Give a listen to Karma’s Army’s latest EP. Everyone loves a tribute to Grandpa… Check out “Hey There Pop.” Listen, download and share if it moves you. If you’ve made it to this blog, I think the writing will. Somewhere […]


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