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July 31, 2011


The falling star casts light on the pond as beside it lays a pondering woman. It’s an awkward in-between time for sunglasses - a headache for a sense of anonymity. She rests on the cement border of twin fountains, spitting images of Spit and Spat play beside her. Tourists gather for poorly backlit family photos […]

Tolerable Me

July 26, 2011


You know you’re making it big when spam sites start referring people to your blog. 1000 hits by August 1st. Can we do it? Can we??? Carole King’s “So Far Away,” track #6 on “Janae’s Study Mix,” started skipping in my CD player today. Devastated. Commence depressing karaoke commute blues. This week I determined my #1 […]

Carpe diem

July 21, 2011


For fifteen minutes, I have struggled with a single question. What is a less cliché way to say time flies when you’re having fun? Today was the day I started thinking about projects that need to be wrapped up by the time my internship ends. Eleven more workdays. Fifteen days left in New York. Twenty-five days left in […]

Living Right.

July 14, 2011


My grandfather died today. A somber way to start a post, it’s what July 14, 2011 has been about. 81. Married. Well-traveled. Kids. Grandkids. Veteran. Semi-professional baseball player. Great sense of humor. A good, good man. Loved a lot, loved by a lot. A conversation among a few family members the other night struck a nerve […]

It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right

July 11, 2011


When I was 13, my AIM profile had the first lines of Stevie Wonder’s “Sir Duke.” Music is a world within itself With a language we all understand With an equal opportunity For all to sing, dance and clap their hands But just because a record has a groove Don’t make it in the groove […]

Just go with it.

July 9, 2011


I’ve rewritten this post four times. The first version was best. My poor blog… abandoned for five days again only to be returned to for nonsense. My Twitter account (@JCDeRusso) has been neglected for the first time in three years. Checking back in, @Lord_Voldemort7 just wrote “Being ‘normal’ is overrated.” I agree. There was something […]

Classy In Love

July 4, 2011


Beyonce rejected my version of the song. The music video was too dry. Breaking from the scavenger hunt for the day, I’ve taken to celebrating independence with a load of hopelessly romantic classics. Those being Vivien Leigh and Clark Gable’s Gone with the Wind, Lucille Ball and Bob Hope’s Facts of Life, and Adam Levine […]


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